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Because growth is the basis for the success of startups, Masar77 takes you step-by-step to implement the idea to reach the right solution and market without wasting much time, money and effort.

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Masar77 helps you turn your startup ideas into life, by following a simple list of exercises that covers everything you need to know as an entrepreneur. Utilizing the validation tools and exercises provided you will understand your customers clearly, and will work to produce the best version of your idea for the product or service provided through your startup. Masar77 provides tools on how to grow your project, develop it, and measure its growth and feasibility. In a nutshell, we help you build successful startups!

" We believe that when you give innovators the tools to be successful, they will turn amazing ideas into realities that drive continuous growth"






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About Masar 77 Team

The beginning of our entrepreneurial story was full of failure, yet we were motivated to share the lessons we learned through our various experiences as Google for Startup mentors and other programs (accelerators and incubators) and investment funds in the Middle East, mentoring hundreds of startups. In order for others not to make the same mistakes, we created Masar77 to be the first step for every entrepreneur, as we sought a tool to guide entrepreneurs on the journey of validating their ideas to reach the problem and the most appropriate solution to build a successful startup. Masar77 is built on the internationally recognized LEAN methodology we have applied to guide multimillion-dollar startups.